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With technology continuing to move forward at a rapid pace, many Event Planners are looking to utilize new products in different ways. For instance, instead of hiring a DJ for a small wedding or event, some people feel that a Spotify or Apple Music Playlist will act as a good replacement. In some small cases, this may be true. However, there are many downsides to utilizing this method to entertain a crowd at an event.


The most obvious reasons for mid to large scale events is that the event planner would still need to either rent or have access to a large PA system capable of commanding the room, as well as any required lighting or other party enhancers. Professional DJ's already have, and know how to properly use, the basic necessities for an event.


The main reason that utilizing a curated playlist is not the best option is that you cannot precisely predict when a certain song will make sense based on the crowd's involvement in the event. Sure, you could try to time things out with your playlist so that you know a certain song will hit at a certain time of the night. But how will you know if the people you chose that song for are out on the dance floor? Some people feel that it doesn't matter when a certain song is played during the event, just that it is played. A professional DJ, on the other hand, has the ability to read the crowd and know when people are ready for certain songs.

Consider this: if you were the person at the event in charge of the music, and you were out on the dance floor having a great time with the other guests, would you want to interrupt that flow each time a song that didn't fit the current crowd's mood started to play? Probably not. Plus, you wouldn't be able to control it without doing the extra work of swapping songs and replanning within the playlist, or worse having no control at all with a free streaming service.

A good DJ understands the peaks and valleys that a crowd experiences during an event, as well as the same ups and downs in the music he/she is playing. A "traditional" party hit or up tempo old school jam is worthless if it is played with no one on the dance floor. Just like a mid tempo song that inadvertently follows a big party hit will clear the dance floor. If the crowd is up dancing, and the vibe is right, the DJ will keep those party songs going. If the crowd starts to dwindle or looks uninterested, the DJ can customize the mix, on the fly, to keep people engaged and enjoying the event. This occurs without most event goers even noticing. The DJ can also add his/her own custom theme to the mix, whether that be by driving crowd involvement, or utilizing special mixing techniques. Regardless of the method that the DJ utilizes, he/she has much more control over the exact timing and music choice. The DJ can then make sure that everyone has a good time while riding the natural waves of the music and crowd participation!


I urge you to consider these points before deciding on using a simple playlist for your event. While a DJ may cost a bit more, the overall experience will be much better! As our slogan at Abbate Entertainment Group states, it is all about the Right Song at the Right Time!

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