Abbate Entertainment Improvements for YOU!

As the world is consumed with uncertainty and we all continue to grapple with the horrible COVID-19 virus, many business owners are stranded to find which end is up. Today, as a surviving small business owner, I am grateful to have the opportunity to share a content piece focused around positivity and looking forward.

A few months ago, Abbate Entertainment kicked off an exciting rebrand project. The result? A revamped brand design, stellar new website and so much more in store for YOU! What does that mean? Let’s roll it out.

The Name: Abbate Entertainment

Before the rebrand, you may recall our sub-brand names BOS DJs, CPOS Productions, and the LifeTunes Podcast. If you don’t, I wouldn’t blame you! That’s why going forward, in all services, online platforms and content channels we’ll be listed under our single, recognizable name, Abbate Entertainment. That being said, and while we all have a bit of extra time on our hands these days, I would be truly humbled if you took a moment to like/follow/subscribe/share the revamped Abbate Entertainment community pages linked below:

The New Website:

A polished name, new logo palette and some jamming new brand photography wouldn’t be complete without a new website. What’s more, we tackled the new website build with the goal to not only have a sweet design, but to offer user efficiency and automation wherever possible. Highlights to that include:

  • DJ Services can now be booked directly online! Whether you’re a couple facing the nightmare of scrambling to reschedule your wedding date and vendors or if you are looking forward to your big day next year, visit the shiny new DJ Services page to learn how we can team up (once social distancing is a thing of the past!) to create an unforgettable wedding. DJ services are also available for private or corporate indoor and outdoor events.

  • Studio Services can be requested directly online! Are you an artist in the eastern MA or RI area looking for a studio to record from? Do you need a producer who can mix and master your tracks? Are you looking for new beats or sounds to help in your productions? We can help in all of those areas. Also, for Podcasters both new and experienced, are you looking for intro or bumper music, voiceovers, show production, or even consulting services? These are all things that Abbate Entertainment has years of experience with and would be more than happy to work with you on. Hit up the Studio Services page to learn more about the studio and to submit a studio request.

The Blog + Podcast

There’s nothing like being an entertainment vendor during the era of a quarantine, so man I can’t even tell you how pumped I am that we’ll have these two spaces to remain connected and to share and explore thoughts and topics within the wedding and music industries. Music and entertainment have and will continue to be one of the most important parts of my life, just as they are on your wedding day. Please join me on these channels, subscribe and send me your questions and messages to keep our conversations going.

The Collaboration

We’re learning now more than ever that in all things, we are stronger together. I am super proud to share that this rebrand project was made possible through the collaboration and wonderful guidance of Morgan Kropa of Morgatize LLC, a boutique branding and photography agency. The new Abbate Entertainment site is much more concise and has a more professional look and feel than its predecessor. I can’t thank Morgan enough for all of her advice and efforts on this new build! If you are looking for someone to help in any aspect of marketing, I highly recommend Morgatize.


Rebrand bells and whistles aside, I’m sincerely looking forward to being able to better offer myself and this business to help your wedding/event go off without a hitch or grow your musical/studio knowledge in ways you’ve never thought of before. I would like to stress that I am always here to be a soundboard for anyone new to the industry, looking for ideas or thoughts on their wedding or event, and to discuss how music impacts our lives in so many ways. I am extremely passionate about all of these topics and I love to help people in any way that I can.

Stay tuned for more content to help you in your musical world. In the meantime, stay in touch or send a message via the sites Connect Page and remember, music speaks!!!

Chris Abbate

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